The name of the MST Altenfelden goes back to the year 1992 . At that time 6 enthusiastic bikers and breakfast walkers (Hans Öppinger, Richard Rastocky, Manfred Kneidinger, Alex Drexler, Max Gahleitner and Roland Fuchs) met regularly for joint excursions and activities. The Sunday Stammtisch was held for a long time in the Panholz-Stüberl. Over the years more enthusiastic bikers from Altenfelden joined and finally in 1998 the MST Altenfelden was founded “officially” with its own logo, coat, patch etc. From now on, the stamm-local became the Zeller-host directly on the market square Altenfelden. After another 10 years, a younger generation of Altenfeldern and Altenfeldern discovered the passion of motorcycling, and because of this, the “big” MST in its current form (currently with 33 members) came into being in 2008. Our common passion has created countless beautiful tours, both small and large (North Cape, Scotland, Croatia, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, South America, Mongolia, ...).

But above all, it has brought about camaraderie, lifelong friendships (even among our women, who thankfully give us this pleasure, groups of friends have developed among themselves) and unforgettable moments. For 3 years now, the next generation of bikers has been taking new places at the MST. It’s nice to see that generations of their own families feel comfortable here, and sons are engaged with fathers. So we hope to be able to spend a long and healthy time together across generations and without accidents and thank you for your interest to browse our homepage.